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Poems Especially for You and Dumferling Castle and Other Plays

In addition to the aforementioned writings, I’ve written much more, but should let you know about Poems Especially for You and Dumferling Castle and Other Plays, both of which are on Amazon.

My poems are an eclectic collection, ranging from sonnets and Old English poetry to free verse

Most of my plays in Dumferling Castle and Other Plays are comedies. In my first college English class, we read a ballad called Sir Patrick Spens and my professor, a Shakespeare scholar, mentioned that it would make a good play. I think the king of the land in which Patrick Spens lived resided in Dumferling Castle, and he sent Spens out on a mission on a rough sea, hoping the sea swallowed up his ship.

I latched onto that suggestion, and the full-length Dumferling Castle was the result. Most plays, though, in this collection are one-acts or two-scenes; but Bill is a full-length comedy. I finished Bill in 1987, and didn’t write another play until I started Shadows on the Wall twenty-five years later.

For the moment, though, I’m leaving some of my stuff on Amazon. Know that each of my writings are different; you could read them and not recognize that they were written by the same person. I use different styles, depending the goal of the writing: you can glimpse this from observing the styles exhibited in Yvette and The Wretch and comparing them to the styles written in The Ass and Loathsome Creatures.

Finally, regarding plays, I just want to tell you that there are so many fascinating plays that should be read! Plays read more quickly (Yes, word-for-word!) than novels, and the stories are engrossing! You could check out anthologies by John Gassner (A Treasury of the Theatre, Volumes 1-3) and other anthologies that are equally good, particularly ones from the Modern Era. Please don’t let the arrangement of the type on the page, simply because it’s not arranged in paragraphs, turn you off.

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