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Coffeehouses, Restaurants

–Karone [pronounced Care-OWN] Cafe— a coffeehouse in Tilmach

–The Palais Lencole is a ritzy restaurant in Tilmach.

–Le Romblaude— a coffeehouse next to a tavern, which has a popular beer garden

–Pelshar’s Restaurant— a ritzy restaurant reserved for the haute monde

–Peacock Feathers is another cozy, little restaurant in Kanara that is partway up the hill.

–The Magic Spell— a romantic restaurant on the wharf in Kanara

–The Silver Cup is a snug little café a block and a half from Beltram’s ritzy residence.

–Mahko’s Cafe— a rathskeller


Silber [pronounced SIL-ber] River— a river in Nestor that runs through Rostrom

Kilcher [pronounced KIL-cher] River— the major river in Glorp

Delbian [pronounced DEL-bee-an] River— a major river that begins in Shelseine, runs through part of Jacklar, and ends in Lodenya

Marmet [pronounced Mar-MET] River— a river that runs through the northern section of Tanette. Part of it runs through the Catre District, which is for the wealthy and starts at both sides of the river and extends four or five blocks from the river front.

Warbude [pronounced War-BOOD] River—Its provenance is high in the Calcar Mountains in Jacklar and empties into the Gulf of Kardim




Railon— Fwyre’s Europe; the most politically settled continent; the most “civilized” continent in the nineteenth century

Quampour— Fwyre’s Far East; also a city

Kalah— Fwyre’s Africa

Candlor— Fwyre’s North America; also Fwyre’s United States





Senaca [pronounced Sen-A-sa]— a small country

Neshea— a country

Nectin— a city in Neshea

Shelseine— Fwyre’s France

Tanette— the capital; its nickname is “the City of Light”

Coastar— a city that was the site of a decisive battle in the war between Shelseine and Jacklar in 1872

Victume— a city north of Tanette that is closer to the Jacklar border than to Tanette

Selpia— a small country

Elkar— a small country near Grenlak

Clenac— Fwyre’s Ireland

Sybia— an Oriental country

Shepsaf— a country in northern Kalah

Karion— a country to the northwest of Tilmach (Fwyre’s Belgium)

Bethos [pronounced BEE-thos]— an island nation

Cadenza— a small country with small islands off its coast that is owned by Lodenya

Retsin— Fwyre’s Poland. It is famous for their craftsmen and craftswomen who make dolls and puppets.

Dushpin— Fwyre’s Russia

      Shierev— the capital

Jacklar— a country north of Hakik

Datar— the capital

      Stacklau— a large city. It has an orphanage.

Mutchin— a city

Mumbourg— a city fifteen miles from the Jacklar-Shelseine border

Strarsbourg— a city in the south

Klepnik— Fwyre’s Denmark

Lodenya— Fwyre’s Spain

Pathenar— a country in Kalah (a continent)

Sundi— “The fashion capital of the world”

Kinshini— Fwyre’s Italy

      Kanara— a seaport city; a popular resort. Spenna’s yacht is moored here.

      Canare— a seaport; a popular resort. It’s warm year-round, with access to many resort islands.

      Tapzony— a seaside resort in Kinshini with islands nearby

      Jardan— a resort city that is smaller than Kanara, Canare, and Tapzony

Nestor— England; Great Britain

Rostrom— the capital

Glorp— Scotland; the northern third of Nestor

Candlor— America

Taleek States— Selpia, Japonek, Elkar, Dintzna, Mechic. Fwyre’s Balkans.

Sybia— Fwyre’s China

Sebtar, Leshko, Rutwa, Browshar, Henwar— Fwyre’s Scandinavian countries

Countries of the Hakik Empire


Dinstek— a blossoming little town near the bank of the Warbude River

Katara— a province of Hakik

      Tilmach— the capital of Hakik

      Purdar— Beltram’s and Betya’s second vacation home. It is smaller than Aksbar. Purdar is a sheltered, quaint village on the edge of the Warbude River.

Piksbrook— a small, picturesque town upriver (the Warbude River) of Tilmach. It lays at the foot of some high, beautiful mountains

Aksbar— a quaint village that is the site of one of the Kallispell’s villas


       Redon— the capital of Wen

Baakar (or Bakar)


       Nettin— the capital of Baakar (or Bakar)


       Bilkar— the capital of Hadide


      Sunctar— the capital of Dowak, the “Fourth Republic of the Hakik Empire”


       Bishtar— the capital of Grenlak


       Farwar— the capital of Pensac


Galapar Islands— vacation islands

Frement Islands— a group of islands that are used for vacation getaways. They are south and east of Kanara.

The Huerta Islands— resort islands

Banta— the Kallispell’s personal island, forty miles from the coast

Teshara Island— an island at the mouth of the Gulf of Kardim that belongs to Kinshini

Kapenev Island— an island in the northeast part of the Gulf of Kardim that belongs to Dushpin

Witho Island— an island in the middle of the Gulf of Kardim that belongs to Nestor


Tagewood Forest— a forest near Gapor; the hunting lodge

Tanningwood— Preston Milbun’s retreat

Gapor— Volean’s hunting lodge

Windspar Village

Windspar Castle


Heaplanz Cemetery— a cemetery in Tilmach

Mennarch Cemetery— a cemetery in Tilmach


Seneca City Park— a park in Tilmach

Klarmenhedt Park— a private park in front of Grothstone Castle for Volean and his blueblood circle. It’s open to the public briefly during the early morning hours.

Countries of the Hakik Empire
Coffeehouses, Restaurants

Hotel de Chambourg— a ritzy hotel in Chelpun, Baakar (or Bakar)

The Hofplatz— a ritzy hotel in Tilmach

The Dantwar Hotel— a ritzy hotel in Tilmach


shabaa— a term for an Arab of Fwyre

fenlak— a term for a black person on Fwyre


Calcar Mountains— a towering, majestic mountain range in western Railon (a continent)


Delek and Wark— the two moons of Fwyre. Wark is the larger of the two and doesn’t orbit as quickly as Delek. Wark is farther away. They are named after mythological gods.

Meptar— another planet in Fwyre’s solar system. The closest one to Fwyre.


The Catre District— the expensive part of Tanette, which houses the extremely wealthy, who spend the social seasons here, using the mansions as summer villas; they then return to their own countries or to the south of Shelseine.


Aethelstam Passage— Fwyre’s English Channel

Lake Lasonde

Bay of Cenak

Bay of Kardim

Plasard Sea

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